Application Dates

AIT operates on 14-week terms in Spring and Fall semesters and one 5-week term in the Summer.

Application deadlines (through midnight the day of the deadline):

Fall Semester - March 15 prior to the following Fall
Spring Semester - October 15 prior to the following Spring
Summer Semester - March 15 prior to the following Summer


Pleaes look into the requirements for study abroad at your school. You will probably need apply to go abroad first at your home institution.  Be sure to understand your internal rules and deadlines!

Complete Application:

Supporting documents (transcript, recommendation(s), and verification of approval to study abroad), must be received within 10 days following the final date of the application submission period. For example, by March 25 for Fall applications. Although, closing up the application sooner, rather than later, is higly encouraged.

Reviewing Process:

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, so a decision could be granted within a couple weeks of receiving all documents to complete the application, but a decision could also be held until a few weeks after the final applicaiton close date, in order to be able to review all applicatiions as fairly as possible.


The application deadline is a hard deadline and no extensions will be granted (although applicants have 10 days to become complete with supporting documentation, even when submitted on the last day). Applications will not be capped or turned away up to the deadline date.

For program dates please visit our academic calendar.
For details about complete the application click on the application process.

If you have any further questions, please contact AIT by sending an e-mail to info [at] ait-budapest [dot] com, or by calling/texting Jody Orrison (jorrison [at] ait-budapest [dot] com) at the AIT North American office at 909-971-7657.