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The AIT curriculum is based on small classes with a high-level of interaction among all participants. Successful candidates should therefore have the confidence and maturity to participate actively in such an environment. Also, AIT students are expected to have computational and mathematical sophistication including

  • At least one course that involves programming (in any modern language)
  • Exposure to concepts in data structures
  • Mathematical maturity developed through a college mathematics course beyond calculus (e.g. linear algebra, discrete mathematics, etc.)

In the application form below, you will be asked to give the names and e-mail addresses of two persons who know your academic qualifications well and who will write letters of recommendation for you. At least one of them (and ideally both) should be a computer science, mathematics, or engineering professor. When you submit your application, these contacts will automatically receive an e-mail explaining the process to submit their letters, so it is important that you have already received consent to list their names.

You will also be required to provide a contact from your study abroad office who will verify that you have gained (or are working to gain) approval to study away from your school. Please be sure to enter the correct contact, such as the study abroad director or advisor you have been working with.

Finally, to complete your application and once your most current courses (F16) are recorded on your transcript, please request an official copy to be sent to the AIT North American Co-Directors office: AIT - NACD, Attn: Jody Orrison, PO Box 1244, Claremont, CA 91711. (postmarked at the latest by the application deadline)
(Please note: Official "pdf" copies of transcripts may be sent directly from an applicants’ school registrar, study abroad office, or on-line retrieval system to jorrison [at] ait-budapest [dot] com. They will not be accepted if sent from applicants.)

The online application submission deadline for the 2017 Fall Semester is March 1, 2017 (midnight, at the end of the day). Application deadline is extended to March 15, 2017. All supporting documents must be received within 10 days of the deadline.

Should you have any questions regarding the application process, feel free to contact the AIT North American Administrator, Jody Orrison at jorrison [at] ait-budapest [dot] com.