For students wishing to learn some “survival” Hungarian before the AIT semester starts, an intensive 2–week long language course will be offered in downtown Budapest by AIT’s partner, the Babilon Language School. The cost for the course is approximately $320, which is payable to the language school upon arrival in Budapest.

The Survival Hungarian Course has been designed for English-speaking university students studying in Hungary.  It is a well-tested course that has been offered now for over ten years.

The Survival Hungarian Course is an 80-hour intensive course in conversational Hungarian offered during the two weeks immediately preceding the start of the AIT-Budapest Fall or Spring semesters. In addition to the classroom sessions, lectures and workshops, the program includes walking tours of Budapest, providing ample opportunity for practicing basic Hungarian conversation.

This language course is not part of the AIT-Budapest program; it should not be confused with the slower-paced Hungarian language course offered for credit by AIT-Budapest during the semester.

The fee for the language course is 90,000 Hungarian forints (approximately $320), to be paid at registration in the Babilon Language School and in Hungarian currency. The fee includes the textbooks; it does not include any dictionaries.

If you decide to participate in the language course, we recommend that you arrive in Budapest a few days earlier to reduce jet lag before classes start. Also, please let us know in advance if you do not expect to arrive in time for the first day of the Survival Hungarian Course.

Click on the following links of the Babilon Language School website to read more about the course or to see the syllabus.